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How to Remove Deepfreeze Password

Okey, now I will share tutorial in my lovely blog microdetic. This is just tutorial, for education how about hack the deepfreeze or maybe we forget our deepfreeze password so we want to open our deepfreeze but we can’t. Let’s I give you information to open you deepfreeze. It’s so simple. To open our deepfreeze but maybe we lost it’s password we can use a software that’s called Undeepfreeze. It’s so simple and easy to use.

Undeepfreeze is software to hack deefreeze that locked by password, like example above, that we lost our password. This software is small if we save in hardisk or flashdisk and easy to use. Just click and search we can control deepfreeze that locked. I try this software and success in deepfreeze 4, and the other not yet.So, if you want try in another version you can download it in the link bellow
Download Undeepfreez 1.7

Pass :